02 May 2008

Quilt show

A couple of weekends ago I went to a gardening/quilt show here at the agriculture center in St Augustine. I took a few pictures and here are my favorites.

This one was really cool cause all the leaves are done with yoyo's.

I really liked this one cause it was litterally like looking out the window into the forrest. It was very detail oriented too.

The pears were a little out of character for me, but I thought it was a really good composition and use of colors. I just wouldn't know where to even add it to my house if I wanted to.

This one was a pretty example of stained glass quilting. It was also realatively small which gave me hope that I could have actually made it too without the overwhelmed feeling that comes with making quilts. Again though, the colors aren't typical for my home.


Marie said...

i love yo-yos! i hope to one day have the patience to make a quilt using them. i like the tree one too. looks like it must have taken a lot of planning before even cutting the fabric.

Joanna said...

They are all nice, especially the tree one. I tend to like traditional quilts though. I don't think I'd have the patience for one of these kinds of quilts. I just like to sew block and triangles together.

Tina said...

Here is how goofy I am... when you first wrote yo-yos I actually had to enlarge the picture because I TOTALLY thought you were talking about real yo-yos..... I thought, "how odd, yo-yos on a quilt?" I am such a dork.