02 May 2008

Whoa, that is a lot!

So I didn't realize.... okay so I realized it was a while since I had posted anything here.... but it wasn't till I went and plugged in my camera a few minutes ago that it really sank in how long... See, I don't take tons of pictures, and usually there is only like 20 or so to download at a time, but low and behold I had 100 on the card. Yikes! So here are a select few. Yes, I know there is not a thing crafty in these.... I'll show some of those in a minute.

This is one of our dogs that decided, Savannah's chair looked more comfy then his dogbed.

My accidental sucess in the flower bed by the back gate.... It has since this photo was taken, taken over the whole flowerbed. They are very pretty though so I don't mind.

And my little football player. We went to a park and she thought it was the greatest... unfortunately the game couldn't last very long cause the little boy who brought the ball wanted it back.


Marie said...

those flowers remind me of a black-eyed susan that i planted and it grew into such a monster. but i did plant it right in the middle of the flower bed and it totally buried everything. yours looks much more manageable.

Joanna said...

Ha ha, don't you love it when your kids starts stealing other kids' toys. She does look like she's have a *fabulous* time though. I can hear the giggle in my head.