04 May 2008

Yet Another UnInspired Mother's Day

Me and My Girl has this tutorial up. I think these cards are so cute and will be half of a mother's day gift for my mom and my grandma. The girls helped destroy create these little beauties. We'll tie them up with some nice ribbon.

The second half will be pin cushions. I know that is so prosaic, but they both sew and...Ella really, really, really wants to destroy make something lovely for her grandma and GG.


Marie said...

the cards are so cute! don't you think it's funny how you can make great looking cards at home for next to nothing, but it cost $5 for a card at Hallmarks?

Joanna said...

I know, crazy!

Meagan said...

I keep tryig to get inspired for Mother's day. Just hasn't happened yet.