25 June 2008

The Cost of Fabric

So Darren and I were talking last night about our wedding budget and how it was getting out of control, blah blah blah, I won't bore you with all the details. I had mentioned that I hoped to put a little bit of money towards some decorations, but I was feeling like we wouldn't have any left for that. he of course thinks that it won't take much to decorate. So I said that one thing my mom and I had talked about was buying a bunch of nice looking fabric and making table runners. It would add some nice color, it'd be cheaper if we made them ourselves, and maybe I could sell them afterwards to some other poor bride. Well, he immediately calculates how much fabric he thinks we need for the number of tables we have (which I think he calculated too much, but that's beside the point.) So I say "ok, so take that number times, oh say $10 a yard." (I'm not really sure though if that is a good estimate).
He laughs at that "What!?! That's ridiculous, fabric is only $1 a yard!"
Me: "I don't know what fabric you're buying but that's crazy. I've seen the Walmart $1 fabric and we do not want that."
Him: "Of course we do, it's good stuff! There's plenty of places to buy nice $1 fabric."
This went on back and forth for a little while and I could not convince him otherwise, so we agreed to make a visit to a store later this week to check it out. I admit, I don't buy fabric often, and I only know what I've seen on a few online searches. Am I crazy? Is he crazy?

PS I had a dream last night that you had your baby Meagan. But I didn't hear about it til a few weeks later. Then I saw pictures of you at the hospital and there were like 40 people there visiting and I was sad that I missed it! So moral of the story is - you better call me!


Joanna said...

ROTFL. Please don't buy Wal-Mart fabric. It's terrible stuff! Even if you buy some stuff at Joann's for $3 a yard, it's better quality than that crap they sell at wally world. It's thin, it rips easily and it's ugly.

Good, high-quality fabric is $10 a yard. But I do think that you can get some reasonable stuff at Joann's that will be good enough for table runners. They have a red tag section that's all good stuff for $3-5 a yard and they always have sales going on for the regular stuff. Avoid Wal-Mart like the plauge!

What a TERRIBLE dream.

Meagan said...

lol... well I am not promising anyone will be called from the hospital, cause for me to remember to take the phone numbers with me while I go into labor would be a miracle in itself.

The stuff at Walmart isn't that bad Jo, in fact you can find lots of the same fabric at both places. Sometimes it is less expensive at walmart too, and I am pretty sure it is exactly the same quality.

I would still say though that the material you would have to buy to sew table runners would be about $3a yard, though what you could do instead is use tuelle (http://www.joann.com/joann/catalog.jsp?CATID=cat323844&PRODID=prd15040&source=search - its that net like material) over the top of a different colored table cloth and it would add a lot of texture and be less expensive. Joanns online has some choices of tulle that are 50 yard bolts (which you might need that much for so many tables) for about $1.20a yard. You wouldn't even have to sew it either as it would probably tuck under all sides of the table and could be taped down or hidden under a table skirt (usually provided by the caterers or reception place). Even just left hanging it might look really nice too, but might be a little whimsy / fairy looking and less sophisticated.

Leah said...

well what i would really like is to have colored table cloths, but the only choice we get is white. i've looked into buying or renting them, but it is just too expensive. that's why i thought to add some color with just a runner. but really, i guess, what does it matter... if it doesn't happen it won't be the end of the world.