25 June 2008


So we pulled out some playdoh and wallah! Kid fun.

I mean Savannah was having a blast, though I don't know for sure if she was really enjoying them for what they were meant to be... cookie cutters, or in this case playdoh cutters.

We made all the shapes together though and she liked watching mom use them. Here's the problem though. I know what these shapes are,

(Top to bottom, left to right: shooting star, apple, butterfly, pig, mushroom, tree, pumpkin and rooster)
but what are these shapes supposed to be?
(I think the last one might be a shoe.... but I have no idea on the other two.)


Leah said...


Joanna said...

A sheep's head, a shoe and a sword (a fat one). That's my best guess. But Meagan, I'm not so sure that's a pumpkin. I think that's a pear.

And you better have my phone number memorized young lady. If not, that's you're project for today. Hop to it.

Meagan said...

Lets see, I guess it could be a pumpkin or a pear... both are pretty country-ish. I think my mom got these at cracker barrell or somewhere like that so I think they are supposed to be a country theme.

Lets see.... is your number 1-800-call-Jo? lol