23 June 2008

Garden Produce

So as most people who follow this blog probably know, Mike and I have been dabbling in vegetable gardening this year, and I thought I would show off some of the produce. Here is a pic of the first green bean harvest we had, as they are headed into the cooking pot. The funny thing is that Savannah loves to eat them raw right off the green bean bush, but refuses to eat these kind cooked. Go figure.

Here is the next up and coming star of our meager garden... a Cantaloupe starting to grow on the vine. I think... okay I know... It has quite a ways to grow before it is ready, but well, I still am a proud little mama of a growing cantaloupe.

Want to see more of the garden? I will try to post more pics over on the family blog later this afternoon, if I feel like taking my big old pregnant self out to take pictures.


Marie said...

Oh! The green beans look perfect! And how exciting for Savannah to grow up seeing how real food is grown. A couple years I bought a zucchini plant from Home Depot. It turned out to be some kind of exotic melon, which I can't remember the name of. The plant produced about 30 melons (I kid you not). Unfortunately, the only melon I like is watermelon. But it sure was fun to go digging around in the dirt with Caleb and take pictures of him holding a melon that weighed half as much as he did. I can't wait to have a yard again.

Joanna said...

Great job!