23 June 2008

My Attempt at a Sling (and a really bad picture)

So I sat here and thought about it some and decided to try my hand at making a pouch sling too, that would be light weight for the summer months here in Florida and was easier to use with a newborn in the cradle hold. You see I have a ring sling, which now that I really know how to use it, is great for the older infants who have head control, but I never really liked it for newborns. (Besides, I wanted one to be able to take down to the pool or just be around the house and not have to worry about keeping presentable during the first few months.)

So I made one out of extra material that my mom bought in the 1980's and handed down to me months ago when she cleaned out her fabric stash. I like the sling, and the material isn't too 1980's-ish, but I am still not convinced as to how well it will work with Zoe actually in it. It solved the problem I was having with the ring sling and newborn infants laying too low and with too much material coming across the front preventing adequate view, but it still felt rather awkward, and since it is non-adjustable at all, I wonder how well she will fit. Maybe the reason is that even with the measurements I took, the sling is too big. (I find that it is hard to make a good guess at size needs when so far along in pregnancy.) It wouldn't be too hard to fix but maybe should wait till after labor and delivery.... Oh did I mention the due date is only 5 days away.... Let's get a move on here Zoe!!


Marie said...

I can imagine that it would be difficult to make a proper fit while your pregnant. But at least you have most of it done. Wouldn't the sizing adjustment just be a matter of shortertening the length? The pattern sure does look straightforward and I wonder how they can charge $65 for some that I've seen.

Joanna said...

Good job. I'll be interested to hear if it works.