23 June 2008

Attacked by Pooh

Okay so maybe not attacked, but here lately it has all been about Pooh Bear. Winnie the Pooh that is. One of the small group couples is having twins, so I made her a Winnie the Pooh wall hanging set. Now I can't take lots of credit for it, as it was one of those buy the yard, cut out the pattern, and sew it up type patterns, but hey, I did do it.

It may be hard to see in the picture, but it is Winnie the Pooh and Tiger hanging by balloons, and a group of butterflies and other flying creatures... Only no bees, which is weird since Pooh is all about the honey bees. But some of the flying creatures are meant to be used as a height chart... but they suggest you paint the height chart onto the wall or transfer inch markings onto material and make one that way, but if you ask me that would be a lot of work... So instead they are just going to be wall hangings.

Now, I also know that it is not my best work by a long shot. Here's why... The project had lots and lots of corners that should have been pinking sheared (even after I modified it to include as few corners as possible)... If I could find my pinking shears, that would have been helpful, but I also know that if I had found them I also would have found out that they were too dull to be of any use. You see, I must get them sharpened... but the company that sharpens them only comes to the Joann fabric near me once a month... and I always forget which day it is or am unable to go. So instead I simply cut the seam allowances *very* close, so that it would lay mostly flat. Now, I also need to inform the lucky couple that I advise they never wash it in the machine... or they learn how to hand stitch it all back together again.

So here is my suggestion on how I should have been able to make this project better. Make sure you have a good sharp pair of pinking shears BEFORE you start the project. Maybe some day, I will listen to my own advice. :)


Marie said...

So cute! I don't have pinking shears. Does it make a zigzag cut?

Joanna said...

LOL! That's hilarious. My pinking shears need to be sharpened, too and I have the same problem: I ALWAYS forget which day the sharper dude...or dudette...is at Joann's. I think they look nice though. However I do think that Pooh looks like he's attacking Piglet in that one picture.