19 June 2008

The Shirt I Hate

I started this crazy shirt a long time ago and have given up on it so many times. I really like the material and I was saving it for something special.

Things that are wrong with this shirt.

1) The neckline is too wide for me. It's made for someone with wider shoulders than I have.

2) The collars is KILLING me. The directions do not say to sew the lining of the collar down but you can't not sew it down. I tried Stitch Witchery and that didn't work. I sewed it and...let's just say that it was possibly the single most frustrating sewing experience of my life so far. Ripping out pleats three times and replacing them was far less frustrating than sewing this collar down.

It's finally done. Isn't it nice? I hate it.

Notice the nice shirt in the box? That's because the nice shirt that I hate is being sent off to Johanna who has shoulders at least 2 inches wider than myself so maybe she can get some use out of it. My family has been duly informed though, that if Johanna discovers teleporting and shows up at our door any time in the near future wearing the shirt that I hate, she will be forced to remove it and don another less hateful garment. Maybe a robe or a flour sack or maybe even a burlap sack.

Poor fabric. It must forever suffer as The Shirt That Joanna Hates. That's so sad.


Tina said...

It looks beautiful, the fabric is very pretty.
I can understand the frustration, though and I probably would have defenestrated it.
(like my cool word-of-the-day?)

Joanna said...

NICE use of the word of the day!!!!!

Johanna said...

Well, I for one, really like the shirt! Hoping that my extra-wide shoulders are a perfect fit!