02 June 2008

Getting things done

I have been getting several things done around here, pretty much as a way to keep from getting too depressed while waiting....

I finally mended Savannah's blanket that had started pulling apart at the seams, and am debating doing some more quilting on it in hopes of preventing future issues (like stitching around certain squares).

I made Cousin Jude's birthday present, better late then never. Hopefully I will get a picture of him modeling it once he gets it.

I mended another pair of my hubby's jean shorts, though this one had so many holes it kinda left it looking like a polka dot backside.... but hey, they mix in with all the grease stains!

I undid all the sewing up of Zoe's blanket cause the backing wasn't sewing on right with the machine. I guess I will either have to hand sew it or hand baste it more efficiently before letting the sewing machine help out.

Oh, and I sent off a package full of crafty stuff. What was in it, you'll just have to wait a few days to find out.

And lastly, I have been preparing to start sewing some preemie onsies. I finally found a site with an outfit that I thought would be at least decent and easy enough, so I thought I would try it out.


Joanna said...

What? No pictures??? Sheesh.

Johanna said...

No pictures! How can you even post it with no pictures? Who's afraid of a little electrical storm? :)

Joanna said...

Woohoo! Pictures! Yeah.

Ravenhill said...

So nice to get the mending out of the way. It is so funny because it barely takes any time to actually do it but I find I let it sit for ages before getting to it!!! that blanket is ooooh so pretty!