04 June 2008

I'm Not a Slacker

I know that right now Tina is thinking she'll never get the skirts I told her I'd make 6 weeks ago, so I thought I would post an update here about them so you all will know that I'm not a slacker.

This has been the hardest I've EVER worked on a skirt. I have pulled out and replaced the pleats in the skirt THREE times and even after they were completely sewn in I had to remove half of one so that I could straighten the pleat so the fabric wouldn't hang crooked. Except for the two side seams all the seams are complete encased and can't be seen. It's very professional looking; I can hardly believe I made it. The invisible zipper went it with nary a hitch and all that's left to do on the skirt is make the belt and hand sew the lining down on the yoke and it'll be done. I've very happy with this skirt. Tina, if you ever get tired of it, send it back! ;)

I have learned a lot about sewing while making this skirt. I think the biggest thing is that you must pick quality fabric, if you want a quality product. I've known that for a while, but it's really hit home with me because I made sure to pick good fabrics, designed specifically for making clothing instead of the "quilting" fabric. Sure it was a little more expensive, but I got everything at least 40% off and the extra bit of money is well worth the quality! I'm excited to start on the next skirt and see how differently it turns out with a linen fabric versus a quilting fabric that was handed down to me. So far, all the skirts I've made for myself have been made from fabric handed down to me from someone who bought the fabric in the 70's. Sad, eh?

So there you go Tina. I am working on your skirts, I promise. Sorry the pictures aren't very good. The fabric is dark so it's hard to get the lighting right.


Meagan said...

Ha! You are too a slacker!!!! I mean come on, you only have 4.2 kids and a million other things going on. I think that definately qualifies you as a slacker!!!

The skirt looks really nice. I have debated that myself, as to using the better material, but I think it depends on the purpose. I think I will keep using the cheaper fabrics for the kids cause they grow out of it so fast. Maybe if I ever stop being a slacker and make something for myself I will get the better material.

Tina said...

OH MY!!!!
That looks beautiful! :-)
I always knew I would love it to have a personal seamstress! You really should open a little business and start making some big bucks... you know, with all your extra time and stuff.
by the way -I have a surprise for you and am SO excited :) (aren't I mean?) I can't tell you about it until the 15th, sorry!

Joanna said...


Tina said...

NO WAY! Aaron's Dad would hire a hit man, seriously! He still hasn't forgiven me for having Jack!

Joanna said...