29 June 2008

Recipe War Votes for June

It's that time again! Cast your vote by commenting to this post. You don't have to be a member of this blog to vote, but please try all the recipes if you are going to vote.


Marie said...

My vote is for the caramel pecan cinnamon rolls! So decadent! So yummy!

I tried the migas while visiting Joanna. I was intrigued, so I made a variation for lunch this weekend. I added black beans and bacon. The bacon was Shane's idea. Unfortunately, I didn't execute it very well. I made the tortillas, then the bacon, then in a clean pan I added: five semi-scrambled eggs (never trust a three year old to fully scramble eggs), shredded cheese, salsa and black beans (didn't bother to rinse them). I was feeling so spontaneous and professional until I stirred and it all turned into a mess of grey ... stuff. Shane thought it was ground beef. Yuck! But it still tasted really good and Shane has since asked me to make "Marie's Slop" again. Thanks for recipe Tina!

I was also fortunate enough to have Joanna make the pancakes for me. At first I wasn't crazy about the honey syrup, but now I think I want more of it. I'm not crazy about blueberries though, I realized. Sorry Jo. But you did inspire me to make my own pancakes on Friday. I usually feel that I have to buy a mix. Not sure why, it's so easy to make from scratch.

I'm looking forward to everyone's Side Dish submissions for July!

Joanna said...

I'm going to go with the banana bread.

I just don't know what to say about the migas. Mine were dry...very dry. The taste wasn't bad, just really dry. I think I'd use fewer corn tortillas next time.

The pecan rolls were good but mine were dry. Is there a theme here? I'm having a bad cooking month obviously.

Johanna said...

I really liked all of the recipes this time. My vote though is for the pancakes. I just found the addition of the ricotta to make them so creamy and wonderful! Everyone in my family liked them except for Aaron. He actaully cried, real tears, because I made him eat a whole pancake! Add that to the list of things I never thought I'd say to my kids, "Eat your pancake!!"

I really liked the banana bread too. I was surprised how well it kept in the fridge too. My recipe is super yummy at first, but goes really dry after a couple of days. This one stayed moist and yummy for the longest time! I didn't try freezing a loaf - wonder how that would work??

I liked the migas too. I also thought there were too many tortillas and they turned out dry because of it. I plan to make them again though and this time add black beans, tomatoes, and sprinkle the end product with lots of cheese. I think that will be super yummy. My family (except for Aaron) liked these too and all of us (except for Aaron - noticing a theme???) went back for seconds.

After reading my comment here, I think that I am going to issue a new challenge to you ladies. Come up with a real dish, that is not peanut butter and jelly, that Aaron will happily eat!! That's a good category!

Tina said...

I guess I could finally vote!!
Well, this was a hard month for me, but I just HAVE to go with the banana bread. I LOVED it. I am a huge fan of sweet breads. (and savory breads!) I know that I will make that one again.
Everything was yum-o, but the banana bread wins in my book ;-)