07 June 2008

So Tiny!!!

So I made the preemie outfit that I found at the Threads of Love website. I think they turned out really good, as I spent a good amount of time on them, but I did feel that they needed to be modified slightly.

First, I thought it silly to use the snap tape so I simply finished the edges and left it as an open gap. Second, when finished the arm holes looked much too small to ever fit any arm through (still don't know how they ended up so small) so I opened the bottom seam up so that the sleeve looks there but really is a cap sleeve. Other than those two modifications though I left it as the pattern was.... oh wait, I made the outfit two tone instead of just one material.

It is kinda hard to tell, maybe I should take a picture with a ruler next to it (and some better light), but I think the sleeves are only about 1.5 inches wide, and the neck is not much bigger. They are so small, that I fear that no baby could actually fit inside it... but I hear that there are babies out there that survive after being born at one pound. Absolutely amazing. Hopefully they are not too small to fit some little guy.


Joanna said...

Those are so cute!!! Great job Meagan.

Meagan said...

I dropped off the outfits today to the mom and dad of the triplets. They actually said that they would really fit, cause they really are that tiny of little bodies!!! Oh my goodness!!!! I about died, how can any one be sooo small???

Joanna said...

Oh my gosh, you should have seen Tina's son Aidan when he was born. He was the teeniest little baby. My favorite thing was his diapers. What were they like 2" by 3"? They were so small. I am sure she gets this more than me, but I do get completely amazed sometimes at how big he is now, considering how small he was; correct me if I'm wrong Tina, but 2 pounds 9.5 ounces, I think.

Tina was such a trooper back then, pumping and pumping despite everyone telling her to give up and just bottle feed, and then Aidan was able to nurse after a while and now, you'd never be able to tell that he was such a teeny baby, supposedly disadvantaged. I think the nursing made all the difference in the world for him.

You're my hero Tina. I'm about to cry!

Marie said...

The outfits are so cute! I like the fabric pattern.

2 lbs 9.5 oz.! Oh my! Tina, that is so cool that you were still able to breast feed!

Johanna said...

Those are really cute, Meagan! I also cannot believe there are babies that small since both of mine were just ounces shy of 9 pounds! If Ethan had gone to term, he'd have topped 10 for sure. They just start out in 3-6 month clothes. No joke.

Tina said...

Those outfits are wonderful! Must have been so hard to make them so small.
Thanks Jo, you have me teary-eyed as well! Hard to believe he was so small and weak. Now he is the one kid I have that rarely gets sick!
I was so glad that I stuck with the breast-feeding. Boy, though, once he started nursing trying to get him to STOP was the problem! :)

Meagan said...

Johanna, you are like me... Savannah was 8.11 when she was born, and I don't think this one is going to be far off from that, especially if she does go another... ugh 3 weeks.

Meagan said...

I gotta say though that the triplets combined total was the same as one singleton, and that was at 28 weeks when they were born... Mom just was already too big and couldn't stretch anymore so her body went into labor.