01 June 2008

Tooth Fairy

So, I ran into a discussion board on Ravelry discussing how much money to leave from the tooth fairy and I thought this woman had a great idea. She leaves foreign money cause she doesn't want her kids to compare how much money they got with the kids at school. I'm sure there's more to it, but she didn't explain anything besides that. I think this could be so fun and educational! What do you guys think? And Joanna, I think you're the resident money collector, where's the best place to buy interesting foreign money? The only place I've ever noticed foreign exchanges are in international airports, which I don't frequent often.


Joanna said...

I know we're mean, but we don't leave anything for the kids under their pillow, but I think the foreign money idea is EXCELLENT! I got most of my foreign and old money from the tip jar at Starbucks. You'd be amazed at the places Starbucks customers go. Also, I was on friendly terms with several of my regular customers then and they would bring me money, huge wads of it. It was fun. Nowadays, Del has more opportunity to get foreign money than I do. He's been to several coin shows and bought me some old coins there and then he's had many coworkers go to places in the Middle East and he gives them some money to exchange there and they come back with some cool stuff. Once I met someone who knew someone who collected money, and he just randomly sent me a huge stash of stuff from...6 different countries, including these old Reichmarks from the beginning of Hilter's reign. He left his email address but I couldn't read it so I have no idea who this guy was. Anyway, my point is that it was mostly chance that I started my collection but I think that he airport currency exchange place is a good place to start. Coin shows are mainly for old money.

Johanna said...

I don't really plan on leaving money for my kids because I have a problem with telling them there is a tooth fairy, Santa, Easter bunny...when there isn't. We may do something else fun for teeth, but it won't be money and we won't teach them to believe in a tooth fairy.

My dad brought me foreign money sometimes when he travelled, and although it is a bit cool at first, if they don't become coin collectors later in life, there is a dilemma as to what to do with it. I felt like I shouldn't just get rid of it because my dad gave it to me, but I really didn't have any desire to keep it and move it from house to house with me. That might be something to think about.

Marie said...

Yeah, I know what you mean Johanna. I just can't get into all the santa talk around Christmas time. It makes me feel deceitful. And actually, if Caleb wasn't in daycare, I'm sure he would never have even heard of santa. I don't know that I could make a big deal out of the tooth fairy being the one to exchange the tooth, but I think it would be fun to still do the exchange and not bring up the subject of who is doing it.

You bring up a good point about what the kid should do with the money when they growup. So that made me think that maybe we will plan it so we get money from countries that we plan to visit and learn about if we homeschool. Shane and I were talking about how we'd like Rome to be our first European trip and we'd fit it in with the curriculum. Then the kids could put the money in their learning scrapbook and they wouldn't have to worry about what to do with it later. If they didn't want the books when they are older, I'd love them. I think it would be fun to reminisce.