16 July 2008

Sandstorm Sweater

I can hardly believe I actually finished this! It's very bulky and heavy, but oh so comfy! It's a bit too big on me, the shoulders droop down quite a bit, but I still love it. Shane thought it needed some color, so I added this button to the top. This is one of the super-cute and super-cheap (about 15 cents a piece) buttons I bought in Korea. Oh how I wish I could go get more.

I can wear the sweater two ways. This way, without the belt, I like best. I hate my smile. Many times, I think I'm smiling, but in the picture, I'm really not. ugh!

And here it is with the belt...

Here are the details if anyone is interested...

Pattern: Sandstorm from Rowan's Plaid Collection (book)
Yarn: 12 balls of Rowan Plaid in Driftwood (166)
Size: S/M (which is probably why it's too big on me, I'm a small, period. It would fit better if I had some boobies! hahahaha...)
Needles: US10.5 and US11 Addi Turbo Circulars

Oh, a note about something I actually learned. I've always hated seams. I used to think they were a waste of time and yarn. But I've grown to appreciate them, realizing two things:

1. They add strength to the shoulder. Especially on a heavy sweater, there is a lot of weight pulling on the shoulder. With seams, it helps the shoulder section not stretch out.

2. They allow you to work in manageable pieces. I decided to knit the two front pieces and back all together with this sweater, eliminating the side seams. That was a mistake! It didn't take too long before I had a whole lot of knitted sweater to deal with. It was heavy and cumbersome and from now on, I will embrace my seams!


Leah said...

that is amazing

Tina said...

That is a really lovely sweater. It looks like it would take forever. I love the belt... I love belted sweaters... I desperately need SOMETHING to add definition to the waist that my 4 kids have taken away. (okay, 4 kids and a love of all things sweet)
I love what you wrote about the seams... I hate the thought of seams and when trying to pick my first sweater project searched until I found something without seams. Now perhaps I will rethink that.
(and that was TOO funny what you wrote about the boobies. I would give ya some if I could!)

Marie said...

Tina, what kind of yarn were you planning on using for your seamless sweater? If you use something really light, then you'll probably be okay. The first sweater I knitted did not have seams around the shoulder. It was knitted in the round from top to down. But the yarn I used is so light, that the yarn doesn't really pull on the shoulders at all.

Joanna said...

Oh my gosh, havent' you been working on this sweater for like two years??? It's beautiful!!!!!!!

Johanna said...

Very, very nice! It will be a long time before I graduate to something of this scale. Right now even the thought of a baby sweater is overwhelming!