14 July 2008

A Few Links to Checkout

A super give-a-way for yarn stuff at Susan B. Anderson's blog.

This lady has oodles of creativity and I will eventually buy every pattern she sells here. Check out here and here to see what she's knitting now!

For you homeschoolers, I thought this ladies blog name is hilarious! Make sure to read the quote on the top right-hand side.

I recently found the following blogs that I really like: The Domestic Diva, Design Mom, and Simple Mom (make sure to check out her guest speaker, Frugal Dad. I noticed he recently quoted Dave Ramsey, which I know some of you like.) (Can you tell I've been searching for good mom blogs to help me out with my new job title of Full-Time Mommy?)


Joanna said...

Cool. I dig linkage!!!

Johanna said...

Cool links! I love the shirts on the kids in the header of that homeschooling blog! I really laughed out loud when I saw that!