14 July 2008

A New Book

The Bread Baker's Apprentice. Marie introduced me to this book several weeks ago. When I saw it at Barnes and Noble the week before I felt I had to have it. I think being taught the method and science behind what goes on in the kitchen is the key to having a successful and fulfilling experience there. So many people open boxes of macaroni and cheese and toss hot dogs on the table because they don't understand what happens when you mix this ingredient with that ingredient. Finally after all these years of people pushing me to go to college and me never wanting to go because I felt it was pointless and didn't know what to major in anyway, I can with confidence say that if I ever had the opportunity to go back to college, I'd go to culinary school and learn some stuff.

Until and unless that happens though, I'm pretty darn satisfied with books like The Bread Baker's Apprentice and with Alton Brown explaining a few things here and there. There must be more cookbooks like that out there. My How to Cook Everything cook book is excellent, too.

Anyway, I ordered the book from Amazon since it was $12 cheaper than at B&N. I received it last week and have made the pizza dough from the book and Del said it was *very* good.

Check it out. Bet you can't not buy it!


Marie said...

I ordered mine last Friday and I can't to get it!! I'm trying the pizza recipe out that you gave me over the phone. I'm a little skeptical about not proofing the yeast though. And the dough is super sticky! I hope it turns out okay cause Shane gets mad at me when I deviate from a perfectly good recipe and end up with something not as good. I'll let you know!

Joanna said...