09 July 2008


These did turn out cute. I like how they are a cross between a sock and a bootie. The directions were confusing to me at first - especially the w&t (wrap and turn) which I had to try a few times before it made sense and worked right. It was also hard to pick up the wrapped stitches when using a purl stitch. I think the very last time I did that last night, I found a way that is easier. Of course by then I didn't have to do it again in the pattern! I am amazed that these are both the same size and actually look like the pattern, too! It was my first time to ever knit in the round using 5 double point needles. It wasn't actually as hard as I thought it would be!
I think that I am going to use this same yarn to try that seed stitch hat in again with smaller needles. This is a baby yarn, so it is much thinner than the one I used on that hat before. These booties look to be about the size I remember the boys feet being when they were born, so hopefully the smaller yarn and smaller needles will give me a matching hat that is also the right size for a newborn. I'll let you know how it works!


Tina said...

WOW! Those turned out great!
I may try to make a pair. I seem to know about 49 people that are pregnant these days, so I can have plenty of practice!

Johanna said...

49 pregnant friends! Wow, you better get busy. Do I count as one of those friends? Should I put in my preferred color request now? ;) Just kidding! They are super fast so I am planning to keep them on my gift list, too!

Marie said...

They really are cute! I can't wait to see them being modeled!