18 July 2008

Successful Resizing

You may remember the last Seed Stitch Hat I made and liked, but was disappointed because it was too big to truly be in infant hat. If not, just click on the link. Go ahead, I'll wait for you - I don't mind! Okay, so now that you remember that hat, I have successfully resized it by using a sport weight yarn rather than a worsted weight and using smaller needles (sz. 6 rather than sz. 10). It worked!! I really like it and it is just the right size.

And it looks really good with the sockabooties that I made out of the same yarn...in my humble opinion, of course!

Now I need some suggestions from the knitters out there. I still have 5 or 6 ounces of this yarn, which is quite a bit. What else should I do with it?

Alright. On to the next project.


Meagan said...

Very nice job. Isn't it great when things turn out right?

Marie said...

They really do look great together! What about those hand mits for newborns? Or some kind of toy? There's gotta be a pattern for a crocheted ball out there. That's all I can think of for now...