18 July 2008

Change of craftiness

So right before Zoe was born I was really into the fabric arts, sewing this and that - blankets, burp cloths, preemie gowns, etc. I think there might even have been a few I never even posted about.... anyways, my craftiness is taking a turn now..... I am headed into the wonderful world of preschool paper crafts and other homeschooling type activities.

In other words, I am headed into the "how to keep your two / three year old from being bored" area of crafts. I have a very lofty plan too, and hopefully I will get it done and be able to start doing actual activities that Savannah will find fun.

So what is the plan??? Well, I found this website a while ago and it has just been sitting in my favorites folder waiting for me. I think it is time to really start using it and planning out a real school year type thing. Now, not nearly as in depth as all the rest of you gals who home school older kids, but simple things that Savannah will have a blast with.... and hopefully as inexpensive as one can get especially if I stock up with the back to school sales.

What I am planning on doing is taking manila folders or clasp envelopes and filling them with three to five activities that relate. Maybe one for each letter of the alphabet and then ones for each animal, different foods, weather, etc. Add in a couple of paperback books from garage sales and "tada" school.

Then each week, I can pull out one folder and have all the activities already to go. Then I would only need to make a copy or two and gather supplies from the art closet on a regular basis.... I will not have to be creative with the eyeballs staring back at me.


Marie said...

Brilliant Meagan! You are posting this at a perfect time for me since I am now transitioning into a full-time Mommy. The web site looks great and I love you idea of planning ahead with the folders! Thank you!

Johanna said...

That's a great web site Meagan! Ethan is begging me to start school and I have an old homeschool program for teaching letters and sounds that someone gave me. I could pick a theme that has the same letter so easily from that site! And Aaron is ALWAYS begging me for a craft.