01 July 2008

Welcome Baby Zoe!

I get to be the lucky one to announce that Meagan is finally NOT pregnant anymore.

Zoe Michelle was born this morning, July 1, at 9:46. She weighed 8 pounds even and is 20 inches long. Meagan is doing well but, understandably, very tired. She just went to sleep.

I get to go up this weekend and see them! Yeehaw! She said she has a few pictures but obviously doesn't have a way to post them, so we'll get some up sometime. Maybe Leah will see them before I do and she can post pictures?


Marie said...

Oh! Congratulations! Can't wait to see some pictures!

Leah said...

hey joanna when are you going by to see them? Darren and I were planning to come by Saturday. I'm highly tempted to drive up there after work today though!

Johanna said...

Yeah!!! I cannot wait to see this long awaited babe!

Joanna said...

We'll be going up Thursday night so I assume by the time we get to see them they'll be out of the hospital.