28 August 2008

The Shirt That Joanna Hates

I am now the proud owner of the shirt that Joanna hates! I love it! I tried it on, and I'd be happy to show you a picture, but in case you didn't know, I'm too huge to wear it... I mean, it technically fits over my belly, but it doesn't go down quite to my belly button right now!! :) But the shoulders fit great, just like Joanna said they would on me. I cannot wait to wear it this coming spring. Doesn't it look great on my hanger?

By the way, if I had known that "slow cooker" was likely to win the recipe war category for next month, I would have submitted a different 5-ingredient recipe this month! Those chicken tacos are about the only thing I make in my crock pot. Clearly, I need more recipes for my crock pot since it is sadly underused, but come on! How not fair is that? I am going to have to start researching now!

Also, I need your help. I am at that point where I want to start making and freezing meals for after the baby comes. I am not like some others who pop right up after birthing and make bread! I recover slowly. Hence the need for easy freezer to oven to dinner meals. I don't have many that really reheat well, so if you have a recipe that you like that freezes well, will you leave it in the comments? I have tons of chicken, beef (ground and not), and pork stocked up for this very thing. All I need now are recipes!


Joanna said...

Nice shirt! Whoever made that must be a skilled seamstress. LOL.

Ohhh...what about Italian Sausage Lasagna? I always make at least two of them and freeze one for later. Then you take it from the freezer directly to the oven. It's the only lasagna I will eat and it's yummy. It's a long recipe though, so I'd have to email it to you...or put it up as a post.

Also, I freeze the meatloaf recipe I've already posted on this blog. You could make two or three of them, freeze them in bags and then when you need one, take it out of the freezer in the morning and by the time you have to cook it, it will be thawed.

I'll try to think of some other things.

Joanna said...


Tina said...

I LOVE the shirt!
Can't wait to see it on you....
Have a chicken casserole that would freeze well, and promise to post it right AFTER I drop my in-laws at the airport!
ha ha ha