13 August 2008

This Is a Busy Post

I think that Tina should get a prize for posting our 500th post! Holy cow, that's a lot of posts!!!

Here's the bag I was working on. I had to adjust the instructions a lot. I thought the pattern was a bit flawed and then they wanted you to sew it like this: I thought that was dumb so I took it out and now it looks like this:

Much better, eh? I added lots of pockets to the inside and a button to the pocket outside. You can't see the button there because I want to cover a button with the fabric from the lining and I haven't been able to go to Joann's yet and get the right sized button to cover. I like it.
Finally, here's my entry for this month's recipe war. Mine only has three ingredients, also.

First you need some ice cream, instant espresso, milk and a huge cup.

Put some ice cream in the cup.

Mmmmmm...ice cream.

Top it with a teaspoon (or to taste) of instant espresso. Add some milk and mix it up.

Walah, coffee milkshake. Enjoy.

**I'm just joking that's not really my entry for this month; that's my current craving.


Joanna said...

Maybe I should get a secondary prize for writing the 501st post. I think that sounds like a great idea.

Marie said...

I think I should get a prize for giving you the pattern for that bag! it looks so fabulous! I like it much better with out the slit. What's up with that anyway?

The shake looks really yummy, but where do I find espresso powder? In the baking aisle?

Joanna said...

Coffee aisle. Ha! Originally I wrote "coffe isle" and then I erased it because well, I spelled aisle wrong. But COFFEE ISLE!!! I need to live there. Where is it?

Marie said...

a little while after i posted that comment, i realized that you all would probably think i'm loco, wondering where the instant espresso is.

Tina said...

I totally want the bag!
You rock Jo.
So do I, apparently.
;-) hee hee

Joanna said...

Cool, I'll put the button on and get it in the mail. Did I spell button correctly? It looks funny.

Anonymous said...

I really like the purse your work is getting neater. Well done! It will go with jeans, and casual clothes. Very inovative pockets - you can never have too many pockets. Granny Lyn

Kainoa said...

I love the bag, it looks like it is very sturdy and would hold a lot of stuff. What are you going to use it for? You sew so nicely and it looks professional! I need to learn how to do that. Lucky You Tina!!!! YOu get the baggy prize!!!