22 August 2008

Why Do I Do This To Myself?

Do you guys ever do that thing where you start a whole bunch of projects and you're in the middle of all of them? And you can't seem to finish any of them? Well, that's where I am. Check it out.

First, Rachel's birthday is rolling around soon and so will endeth "the season of the birthdays." So save a bit-o-cash I'm making her a dress just like the one I made to sell because she's been asking me if that one belongs to her. Here be the dress, cut out.

Then I am making 9 balls for her. I know we already have over 20 of these balls but it is amazing what brand new, pretty balls will do to reinvigorate play. I am taking apart some of the uglier balls so as to not completely overwhelm us with balls. This is the project I am working the most on because since they are all hand stitched, they are the most time consuming.

Then I'm making myself one of the bags that Tina won. I really liked it so I want one for myself.

Here is a project I am dying to start but really trying not to do too hastily because I *really* REALLY, REALLY want it to work out. Sometimes, Meagan can read my mind. I've been to Joann's several times trying to find what materials I can use to make maternity pants. The underbelly kind, not the cover-the-belly-with-itchy-fabric kind. So out of the blue Meagan sends me an IM with some message that I might be interested in this. It is exactly the tutorial I was looking for. I mean, it can be applied to any garment at all, not just jeans! I'm ecstatic. So I got the materials I need and I have a pair of jeans to cut up. Thank you Meagan. I love you!

Finally, I am putting new handles on this bag. I like the bag, but the bamboo handles I had on it are uncomfortable and don't stay on my shoulder at all. I really think those bamboo handles are meant for small handbags and not big "I'm a mommy" bags.


Johanna said...

How great - everything looks wonderful, but I can see that it would be overwhelming!

You know, I have always only worn the under the belly maternity pants because I cannot stand having elastic up over the big ol' belly. But this time, I don't know what the difference is, but I cannot wear them! I think Andrew must be laying different from any of my others - lower - because any time I put on a pair with the elastic band that goes under the belly, it hurts when I sit and he goes nuts! He kicks and turns and basically lets me know that he does not approve of these pants AT. ALL. Fortunately, I found these: Secret Belly Fit Pants. This style of panel is the MOST comfortable pant I have ever worn while pregnant. They are at Motherhood Maternity. The fabric goes over the belly, but there is NO elastic. It forms a smooth line that cannot be seen through the shirt. The fabric is also super thin and really stretchy. There is nothing tight anywhere with this style, which is so great. I started wearing the ones I have when I was just 14 weeks and my regular stuff was just getting uncomfortable, and they still fit just great. I think they'll fit the whole time - unless my butt gets too big for them! :)

Johanna said...

So the link should read "Secret Fit Belly" because at this point, let's face it - there is nothing secret about this belly!

Tina said...

OH, making your own maternity pants??? That is awesome! I was so horridly fat that last time around I had a heck of a time with pants... anytime they were big enough to go around my belly they were HUGE everywhere else.
I can't wait to see how everything turns out :-)

Kainoa said...

OMG! I am overwhelmed just reading about all you have to do. I LOVE the purse though, I think I mentioned before I had the same fabric, so I think I may make a bag out of it since I love yours so much. How do you find time in one day to get all you do done? Can't wait to see the maternity pants, that is a great idea!

Marie said...

That is so cool that you are making your own maternity pants! I can't wait to see how they turn out! Maybe I will do the same thing to all my jeans since (even though I'm not pregnant) I can't fit into any of them anymore. What's up with that anyway?