20 September 2008

Embroidery - The Lost Art

When Marie and I were at the antique shop last Monday we looked at a lot of old handkerchiefs and other linens with lovely embroidery on them. I really like that style of embroidery and it's very sad that hardly anyone does it anymore.

When my grandma died four years ago she left a lot of fabric and other crafty materials behind. I was lucky enough to receive these totally retro iron-on transfers. Aren't they so stinking cute!!! These are all from the 1960's.
So anyway I am going to start embroidering that pillowcase I bought the other day and here is the start.


Johanna said...

Very cute! Needlepoint is a lost art for sure. It is funny since this used to be a main past time of well to do ladies!

Marie said...

So iron-on transfers is how those ladies got the embroidery just right? I always wondered how they got the designs.

That is so cool that you got them from your grandma! So, that means that we don't have to feel bad about our stashes. Because we'll just leave them to our grandchildren and (hopefully) they will appreciate them as much as you do.