20 September 2008

Let's Talk About Prizes

I'm updating the prize pot. There will be a link to this posts on the right, so if you win you can easily find the prizes to choose from. Blogger won't let me post more than 5 pictures at a time, so there will be multiple postings. I'll update them as prizes are chosen and added. If you have something you want to donate, you can update the post yourself or send the info to me and I will do it. I don't intend for anyone to have to buy anything to donate. I think it's best if we use stuff that we already have, but don't really like or use anymore. And it doesn't necessarily have to be craft related.

Johanna, you get to pick something since you won last month! Congrats!


Johanna said...

I think the knitting rules book looks really good! I know I have a lot of things around that I could contribute - I'll just have to take the time to look. And I won't be able to post them until the end of the week when I get my camera back!

Thanks, Marie!

Marie said...

Ok, I'll send that out to you soon. I have so many things to mail! I better get a move on it! That's so sad that you don't have your camera. Nowadays, it seems like one of those essential "can't live without" tools.

Leah said...

with this many prizes, we're going to need more contests!