09 October 2008

Dinner Napkins - Everyone Else is Doing It

Hmm...that sounds bad.

Anyway, what is it about Fall that makes me want to sew napkins. Last year I sewed 24 napkins; 12 for Thanksgiving and 12 for Christmas. I don't get it. But they are so easy to make and really very useful. I find that my girls are more likely to actually get excited about using the napkins and stop wiping their fingers on their shirts. Paper napkins are one of those things that I really dislike spending money on.

So you remember how I made napkins with the girls last week? Well, I figured we needed a whole matching set. So I made 6 more (10 total), only this time I appliqued these cute flowers on them. Maybe I should start selling napkins in my poor neglected Etsy shop...whose URL I don't even remember anymore. How sad is that?

You ladies are going to have to step up the crafty production, ya know because Johanna is about to have a baby and I AM MOVING!!!!! We should close on our GIGANTIC house next week and then we have until the end of this month to move out of this apartment. Which means my poor sewing machine is going to be lonely for a while.


Meagan said...

lol... yeah but you know what??? My sewing machine right now is burried.... I mean it is in the sewing area somewhere.... between homeschooling and trying to get back to work, well, it hasn't seen the light of day lately.... hopefully that will change here in the next few days as I have a ertain somebody's birthday present to make.... okay two certain somebody's if you count my hubby.

Grandma said...

Jo, those are beautiful! I really, really like them! Napkins on Etsy sounds good. Did you ever really put the dress on Etsy and if so, did it sell?

Marie said...

Very pretty!

Johanna said...

I like those a lot! I think they would be a great item to put into your etsy shop.

Tina said...

SO GREAT! Those are gorgeous. I think they would sell wonderfully in your etsy store.
I am always checking your store and Marie's... you guys need to get crackin'... you know, because you have nothing better to do.