22 October 2008

I Told You Someone Else Would Need to Pick Up the Slack, Otherwise Expect a Dead Blog

Here's evidence that I'm a wee bit preoccupied. I'm actually about to pull out all of my hair. Take a small apartment with four kids in it and take up every bit of free space with boxes packed with every toy they ever had and what do you get? Whining, complaining, "I'm bored" and a mother that's at her wit's end.
I never sent anything else off to anyone, Meagan. I'll try to do that after we move in and I have my sewing room so I can see what I have. Sorry I dropped the ball. Expect more balls to be dropped; that's the name of my game.


Grandma said...

I'm loving it! I know it's chaos currently but I'm so excited for you! Seeing all those boxes just makes me happy!!!!

Johanna said...

Um, yeah. Between contractions and generally feeling yucky, I am sewing for this baby. But who has time to post??? Not me. Maybe soon!