21 October 2008

My what have you been doing lately

So it has been awhile since the post changed, and sorry Tina, but I was getting tired of the same old thing.

What have I been up to lately??? Well I finally reached out and used a sewing machine.... I really did have to dejunkify my sewing table to get to it.... It seems that homeschooling stuff and lack of organization has taken over.... but I do digress.

What was I saying... oh yeah I did some sewing.... but that is all I am going to say right now.

So what else have I been doing??? Well, the gardens have gone weedy and that is never a good sign and the house seems more disorganized than usual, but school is in process and other things in life are getting done. How's that for an answer?

Oh and I got a question for you. I sent out a surprise package a few months ago to Joanna, and I hear she sent it on.... is it still going???? Did you get a surprise package in the mail and not send it on??? Anyone want to admit it?


Tina said...

You did some sewing???? When do we get some pictures?

Meagan said...

after I give the gift.