12 October 2008

What have YOU been up to?

So, here is a bit of what we have been up to...
Our sunflower (finally) bloomed!! It took until mid-September to finally bloom, but the kids were thrilled. We planted about 7 and only 2 bloomed! The second one that bloomed only grew to half the size of this. Any ideas what we did wrong???

Here is something else I have been working on. A few friends and I were knitting up some things for a craft fair held to raise money for a church restoration project. They were so much fun to knit up and a really quick project. They are Mandy's Candy Bags. Check it out. The kids are dying to get their hands on them!
My lovely Elena modeling a scarf and hat I made for the craft fair. She was so disappointed that I didn't knit them for her. Poor girl. :-)
What are your latest projects?


Joanna said...

Sooo fabulous! Love the bags. They are so cute!

I have no idea what went wrong with your other sunflower. The last time I planted sunflowers they all grew super tall. God watered them.

Johanna said...

Projects? Are we supposed to be working on projects? :)

Those bags look great!

Marie said...

I've never tried to grow sunflowers, so I have no idea about them. But I do think that sunflower is amazing! It's so tall! It looks like it should be drooping. I wish I could visit you, cause the buildings in the picture look so quaint!

The bags and the hat and scarf look great! I bet it'll be so much fun to sell them and have a bunch of ladies ohh and ahh over them.

I have lots of projects going on right now. I'm great at starting things, not so good at finishing. For knitting, I have two cardigans, a bolero and a sweater that I really need to finish. And for sewing, I have a short-sleeve top. I also need to finish that embroidered pillowcase! That's a lot of stuff! I wish I could stop myself from starting new projects.

Kainoa said...

Wow, that sunflower is tall! Elena looks adorable modeling the scarf and hat you made! I love the color!

I need to get some projects going but with work and school and running a house I feel like I hardly have time for myself. Maybe soon I will make something if I can get back into the crafty mode. The holidays are coming so I'd better hurry!