07 November 2008

I love my scarf!!!

I LOVE MY SCARF!! :-) You may remember that I was planning the 'My So Called Scarf' pattern for this lovely yarn... I did try. BUT- boy that was taking forever! It was not that the pattern was too hard, just that it was so easy to mess up and really impossible to fix. Every time I messed up I would start over. After the fifth or sixth time I was just too irritated. So, I went with the cameo faggot stitch pattern again and I am really happy I did. The scarf is huge. Both long and wide and so soft. I would marry it if I could. (If I wait long enough I just may be able to- hee hee)
And here we are on Nov 5 at bonfire night..... Has anyone seen 'V for Vendetta'? In 1605, Guy Fawkes plotted to blow parliament (while in session). His plot was foiled on November 5, thus we here celebrate Bonfire night, or Guy Fawkes day. Not too many years ago kids used to decorate little paper 'Guy Fawkes' and carry them around town collecting pennies. Then they would take them to bonfire night and burn them. There was apparently a large version of poor Guy on top of the bonfire. Crazy, huh? Nowadays there is no burning of anyone in effigy... just fireworks. This was our first year heading down to join in the celebration. I have to say it was very impressive display for such a small town. The kids were thrilled.
Do you like the shock and awe on Elena's face? ha ha ha ha....

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Joanna said...

OH that is ssssoooooo cool! That rocks. I think it's the neatest that your kids are learning so much about a place that's not America. It's important to know that the world does not begin and end here. How cool!

I love the scarf. It's pretty. Look how big your kids are getting. How sad. Tell them I said to stop growing up.