11 November 2008

Taking Care of Business

Hi All! Sorry I've been so silent! You can go here to see my excuse for being such a slacker.

First order of business is the Recipe War. I've finally put up the poll for last month's recipes. As for this months recipes... I feel that we've all got lots going on right now. A baby being born, Thanksgiving, Christmas, presents, etc. So, I think it might be a good idea to take a few months off. I'm thinking maybe picking things back up in January, but we'll have to revisit this since Joanna will be giving birth and I will hopefully be moving to the other end of the country. Does anyone have any objections?

As far as the gift exchange goes... I've set things up in Elfster again since I think it worked out really well last year. I'm getting things going a bit late this year, so please let me know ASAP is you do not want to be involved. Otherwise, I will send invitations out to everyone in a few days. And then I'll send out my updated copy of the contact list since I know that there were quite a few mistakes in the last one I sent out.


Leah said...

sounds good to me. only i might have to wait til february to jump back in to the recipe war what with the wedding honeymoon in january and all :)

Meagan said...

lol... oh come on, you mean you aren't going to start cooking for Darren on the honeymoon?????

Marie said...

everyone should have gotten an email about who their secret santa recipient is. let me know if you have any problems.

Johanna said...

I'd say you have a decent reason for slacking a little bit! I am fine with waiting until January to restart the recipe war. I don't think I'll be doing too much experimentation in the kitchen in the next couple of months, either.

Thanks for sending out the elfster stuff. I got my e-mail!