26 December 2008

Christmas Projects, Part 2

So right before Christmas, I found this really cool pattern for making a rag doll from the Emily over at the Inside a Black Apple blog after she appeared on Martha Stewart's show. Well I was hit with the doll crafting bug and after I made the first one using the template (but not enlarging it), I changed it and just cut out the basic shape that I thought it should be. (You'll notice that it is basically the same, but I couldn't enlarge it here at the house and I am too lazy to drive somewhere to get it enlarged....) So here is Zoe, showing off the first Meagan Original....
which was a birthday present for one of our neighbors little one year old.

Then Christmas eve I decided that I wanted to give Savannah's Cousin Ella something more than the little toy train we bought her, and went ahead and made this baby doll for her. I started at 11 pm and finished by 2 am. That was with having to recreate the pattern on the fly and all, except for the face embroidery, which I did Christmas morning.... (and the scarf type thing used to be a hair ribbon from when I was a little girl....)

And Ella really liked it.

Merry Christmas Ella!

Tutorial anyone?

1 comment:

Tina said...

Those turned out so cute. It is stuff like that that really inspires me to learn to sew.
Glad the doll was well loved!