26 December 2008

Christmas Projects, Part 3

As Savannah calls them, these are her Christmas Balls.... I call them ornaments though. We had fun with these this year, though i really think she would have been able to do more of the project if she had been a little older....

Savannah and I took inexpensive Christmas balls (the harder to break but still glass solid colored ornaments that are 18 for $2) and she "painted" them with a 50/50 solution of Elmer's glue and water. Then we added torn tissue paper to the balls before I did a top coat of glue to put down all the edges. Savannah had a blast, I couldn't get her to stop touching them she was so proud, and we added them to all of her school friend's goody bags, wrapped up for their mom. (Hopefully they made it home in one piece....) Like I said, Savannah was so proud of them.

In the goody bags were the ornament for mom, a sticker book (or Christmas pencils when we ran out of sticker books), two candy canes, and a can of playdoh. Nice and easy and inexpensive.... we made fifteen bags for about fifteen dollars.

For the teachers, we went in on a group basket, but I also made chocolate covered pretzels. I didn't think to take a picture of the finished project, but I made them plain this year so it was just the stick pretzels with chocolate on them. Really easy to make, just take the bakers chocolate, melt by 30 second intervals in the microwave, then do whatever you need to to cover the pretzel with the chocolate. Usually I use a dinner glass to melt the chocolate, cause if it is deep enough you can just roll the chocolate onto the pretzel, though this time I used a knife to spread it on.

Here are the bags and chocolate pretzels all ready to go, in the back of the van, off to school (with some thank you notes for other church friends on top.)

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Tina said...

mmmmm, I LOVE chocolate covered pretzels. Will have to do that myself with the kids. Seems like something that would be easy and fun to do with them. :-)