06 January 2009

Secret Santa Stuff

Last year, didn't we all post about what we got from our secret santas? I was really looking forward to seeing pictures of it all here. Actually, we posted a lot more in general last year. Remember all the great Christmas gifts we made and posted here last Christmas? Meagan is the only one who did that again this year...You know, I bought supplies to make Christmas gifts this year, but they never got made. Something about a baby being born... I am just looking at it as an opportunity to be way ahead on next year. I am going to start making them all just as soon as I get to it and hopefully have them all done long before next Christmas. Isn't that a good plan? Please, please ask me at regular intervals if I am actually sticking to that plan.
Anyway, back to Secret Santas. Meagan had my name, which she mentioned was funny because I had her name too! This is what she sent me:
She made a tea bag holder, decorated a white towel with fabric to match, and a hot pad. It's really cute! Would you guys post your secret santa gifts, too? Please?

I also wanted to share a really yummy recipe with you. On Christmas morning, I made cinnamon rolls that were really, really super. I searched for a copy cat recipe for Cinnabon rolls, and found this recipe. If you like really cinnamon-y rolls with lots of icing, try this.


Meagan said...

I was hoping that you would like the tea set stuff for Christmas time. I almost did it in my other christmas fabric that would have matched all the red stuff.... oh well live and learn.

I also thought that the tea caddy thing needed a tie or something, but I didn't go back and do it. I wasn't real sure that you were a tea kind of gal, but I thought, hey with a newborn around you might be able to use a few tea breaks. I also found some coffee singles and put those in too!

Joanna said...

I'm a horrible secret santa getter because Kainoa sent me a $25 gift card to Joann's and I didn't even say thank you.

I suck...

Thank you Kainoa. It's a good gift for me because I always have something to buy at Joann's!!! In fact, I'm trying to save up money for a serger, so you just helped with that!

Marie said...

That's really cool Meagan! I have a little tea holder that I used to keep in my purse. I love it! It was especially useful in Korea because they have hot water dispensers in all the eateries. The first time I ordered hot water at a restaurant in the US, they looked at me like I was insane. But it's really good to have when traveling via airplane. But, sheesh, they probably charge for hot water now.