31 March 2009

In love with it!

I have been following a blog called "Don't Look Now" and I love the quilts she makes.... In fact I have a quilt design ready to start based on the sweet little garden pillow she has up on her blog right now.

Oh and did I mention that she has a giveaway going right now??? I am already imagining the pillow on Savannah's bed. It is just so pretty. Even if I do win it, I should try and make my own.

Go check it out though okay?


Tina said...

WOW, those are so pretty. I love the fabrics and colors she uses. She is so talented!

Marie said...

That IS really cute! I love it too! But that swirl flower quilting looks really hard. I'd probably just do squiggles.

Meagan said...

yeah, i wasn't going to do the elaborate quilting.