29 March 2009

Simplicity 4243 - Bird Dress

This fabric might look familiar. That's because this is the left over from the Car Organizer. I really like these colors together, although I know it's a bit bright.

I really had fun making this! I learned a lot too! It was the first time that I used bias tape like this (at the neckline and armholes) and also put in a zipper. The elastic for the diaper cover was a bit confusing because the measurement were huge! I actually shortened the waist elastic by about 2 or 3 inches. This is a size XS, which should be for a 0-3 month old. But, it looks awfully large, so I'm not sure when she will be able to wear it. I can't wait to see her in it!

By the way, this took WAY longer than 15 minutes :)


Tina said...

That is great. I also love those colors together, they look so cheerful. Just reading that post, though, makes it seems so hard to make!

Johanna said...

How very cute! You have become an excellent seamstress, Marie!

Joanna said...

Dude, awesome!