21 March 2009


I have posted many times now about the cloth bags that I make using the pattern of the plastic grocery bags. Remember the one that I gave Leah????

Well, I have had inquires about how much I would charge to make a bag like that. I don't know. How much would you charge if?????
1) I had to buy the material and just posted them on the blog for sale
2) the material is bought by the person interested, and all I do is sew the material bag.


Tina said...

I thought that bag was great, but I am lost on pricing. Have you looked around to see what other hand-made bags similar to that are priced on ETSY?
Good luck. Let us know if you start selling them!

Grandma said...

I think that pricing depends on how much time it takes you to make one and how much the materials cost. If it only takes you two hours to make one (including cutting it out), then I'd say you'd want at least $10 or $15 for labor. Your fabric costs would be added onto that. So perhaps $20. I haven't poked around on Etsy to know if this is a reasonable price or if it's ridiculously low/high. But if people aren't willing to pay $20 for it, I'd say maybe it's not worth your time making them to sell. It'd be great if you could get $25. That's my two cents!

Meagan said...

well it came up because a lady at church wanted a bag. So I had to come up with a price on the spot. She however wanted to buy her own material, which works great for me, so I told her $15. I can't remember exactly how long it takes to make one.... but I can't imagine it is more than three hours, given that I have enough material, etc and don't have to stop and go out for more supplies....... Anyways, since it is just one bag I can see if it is a good deal or not and adjust my pricing for future bags.

The problem with customers purchasing their own material though can be caused by the wrong type of material.... but this lady did a great job and stuck to the cotton material section.