19 May 2009

Kitchen towels, socks, and lunch.

How is that for a title? Here are some of the crafty things I have been up to lately. I have a few more things I have started lately. Can't wait to get them done and posted!

Here is the kitchen towel I made from a pattern in the Mason Dixon knitting book that Joanna got for me for Christmas. You rock Jo. I LOVE it. I am making a second one now. May even go nuts and make it in 2 colors like the ones in the book! This towel is perfect for those of us that have children that tend to yank the towels onto the floor all day. Excuse my messy oven. It is always that way. Oh- and the towel is not unusually large, it is just that the ovens here are unusually small!
Remember this lovely yarn I bought at iKnit in London? Well, I finally got a picture of the socks I made from it.

Aren't they great? They are a little too roomy, should have used 2.25 instead of 2.5 needles.And - I got this sock yarn eons ago from my friend Trish. I made some really pretty socks from them, but when I was in America over Christmas they were inadvertently dried and felted and are now are perfect as slippers for my 8 year old. Sigh. Oh well.
Here they were prior to washing! Cute, huh?

I can't figure out why this second picture of Katherine's feet is showing up or how to get rid of it without getting rid of the other one. So, here is a second glimpse for ya!

And for lunch- - just to get us in the mood for some more recipe wars-
Last year I visited Westminster Abbey. We were there much longer than expected and were thrilled to find a little soup/sandwich cart. I find the sandwiches here in England to be odd, at best, but picked the one that looked the least horrid. It was great and now I make it all the time. Even my 8 year old, Katherine, packs it regularly for her school lunch. So here goes -
Butter 2 pieces of whole wheat bread (they put butter on nearly all their sandwiches here and I gotta say I love it),
Thinly slice and pat dry an english cucumber, you won't need it all (never tried it with the American ones and think they may be too juicy since the bit in the middle is so much larger),
Shred a carrot,
Pile it on the sandwich with some lettuce and some cress. The cress is pretty essential- the sandwich is not nearly as yummy without it, but to be honest I never had cress before we lived here. Here is where I may get to sound uneducated - do they have cress in America?
Now - the sandwich I had also had pickles on it, but I thought that was gross. So, whatever you wish.
Sounds weird, I know, but give it a shot. Yummy and nearly no guilt factor.


Joanna said...

Awesome Tina! I'm so jealous. I think the blue socks look cozy felted. Prettier unfelted but cozy felted.

Joanna said...

you're right about the English cucumber.

I don't know what cress is either, unless it's the same as water cress.

Tina said...

I checked and yes, water cress is the same thing. Woo hoo.
You should try it. Gives a nice flavor to sandwiches. Here they put it on egg salad sandwiches, but haven't tried that yet.

Meagan said...

Tina, you have really gotten into the knitting and I think that is cool. The socks and towels you've been making look really great.

Marie said...

You've made so many socks! I'm really impressed because I can't seem to avoid Second Sock Syndrome. But you make me want to try again because they look so comfy!