22 May 2009

A Simple Tablecloth

We lived without a table for 2 years because we didn't have room for one in our apartment. But, now we have one! And I have to say that I don't regret not having one just for the fact that it has made me appreciate this so much. Every night when we all sit down and eat together, I am filled with happiness.

I used this fabric that I bought in Hawaii many years ago. I gave it to Joanna when I destashed before moving into our tiny apartment. But, then took it back this past February when I visited her. Aren't I such a great friend, taking back things I give?

I should have finished this sooner, but I had an issue as to where I would keep my sewing machine. I thought about keeping it in the closet of Ana's room, but then realized that the lighting would be terrible. So, I just set it up on some wall space in our room. Maybe I'll have a craft room one day. But, for now, I'm happy that I at least have some space to keep it out and it's not really in anyone's way. I'll have to keep all of my fabric and yarn in Ana's closet. When I start to organize the yarn, I'm thinking I'll end up selling a good bit of it on eBay, since I have way too much. (about three XL Uhaul boxes worth!!)


Johanna said...

It looks good! I bet you are loving having room for a table - I enjoy having sit down dinners with the family - even if they are quite chaotic at times!

Tina said...

:-) I like your table cloth!!!
I know the feeling with the table. At our first place here (where we lived our first 2 years) we had room for only a tiny little table. One of the first things I got when we moved to where we live now was a nice sized table that all 6 of us could fit around. It is great. Makes family meals so much more enjoyable!