28 October 2009

Big Boy Backpack

I can hardly believe it! But, yes, it's true. I actually somehow finished something! It took me about a month of working here and there for 5 or 10 minutes, but I finished it!

I used Made by Rae's Toddler Backpack pattern. It was pretty easy... except for sewing through 6 layers of denim and 3 layers of batting at one time. And no. I didn't break my machine. Shane came in as I was trying to sew through all this and my machine beeped and said "Main motor overloaded! Please wait! And please stop trying to make me sew through a ridiculous amount of fabric at once. Because it's ridiculous!!" And I said to Shane "Oh. I hope I don't break my machine getting this done." And he looked at me as if to say "Don't make me hurt you Woman!" (read here if you don't get why he would care if I broke my sewing machine)

Anyway, I managed to finish it off with a few stitches by hand and taadaa!

You should check out her website if you haven't already. I love that she sells licenses for only $8 to sell her stuff. See the left column of her blog.

The design is another Urban Threads again. This one is called Massive Mecha. I had Caleb look through all the designs on their website and this was the only one he liked. I really thought he'd like some of the alien and monster designs, but he thought they were "for babies". He's so funny :) I love how he is so naturally masculine. I mean, sorry to say, but it's totally a male thing to be into guns and things that go BOOM! Not that I want him to be violent. Before he started using his itty bitty fingers as a gun at 2 yo, I swore to Shane I would never allow toy weapons in the house. That didn't last long.

I also embroidered his name after Shane somehow fixed my font software that can turn any truetype font on the computer into files that my sewing machine can use! Oh! What fun!

See how happy my boy is? He's got all 11 monster truck toys in there and apparently "There's still lots of room! So, I have to go get more monster trucks now!" I love making stuff for him :) I love that he and Shane think it's magic how I can sew and quilt and knit stuff :)

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Joanna said...

TOTALLY COOL!!!! The bag is really great. It's the perfect size! Awesome.