02 November 2009

Question for the Girl Mommies...

Do you guys have a hard time finding high-waisted pants for your girls? I have noticed that a lot of little girls wear pants that show their underwear (or even their butt!) when they bend over. I buy a lot of clothes for Caleb at Target and it seems to me that the little girl pants there are low-rise. I can't understand why clothes makers would translate this trend to little girls.

So anyway, it's got me thinking about sewing clothes. I'm just not sure if this really is an issue though. Are there certain stores or brands that offer high-waisted pants for girls? Or have you guys not found this to be an issue?



Meagan said...

It depends on the style really more than anything.... Savannah has only one pair that is low waisted and it was a hand me down pair that I let her wear when we are at the house.... other thing is that you can take care of the issue with elastic waistbands or belts.

Tina said...

it is dependent on the style... I think you can find good, young clothes for girls, but you have to look. I have also always been a fan of longer shirts. Not sure why, but having shirts that show her belly when she lifts her arms really bothers me. Often clothes that we get hand-me-down from friends go right to Elena for this reason.
You know, I ran into a tutorial for sewing a hip panel for teen girls on a blog... I will find it and post it here. It is made to look like a longer shirt under the shirt they are wearing to cover up that area that is always being exposed. It looked really cute, too.

Joanna said...

Almost everything I buy for the girls has a low waist. I don't buy clothes from Wal-Mart or K-Mart so I can't speak for them. Target has mainly low waist stuff. I buy some stuff at the Goodwill or Salvation Army and I can find some things that have a higher waist. Also at boutiques like Land's End their waists are a bit higher. I shop at Land's End a lot because they have a really good close-out section and always offer free shipping. Their clothes are modest and of high quality.

I am forever having to pull Sarah's pants up over her underwear. I know the kids say they are uncomfortable with the pants right at their waist...it's a difficult balance.

As far as sewing pants; I don't because it's really hard. If I can buy a pair of pants for $5-10 I think it's worth it because the time and frustration involved in making a quality pair of jeans is just not on my radar right now. Plus they're so little. It's easier to work with bigger clothes.

Did I answer all your questions? I hope you try Land's End. They've quickly become my favorite clothes shopping place. And they have a great return policy. I bought a pair of jeans for myself and really disliked them so I was going to return them. You just take them back to Sears so you don't have to pay return shipping. I didn't return them for three months. Finally last Friday I took them in and they never said a word. They just took them back, even though they were three months old.

I like Land's End. Can you tell?

Joanna said...

See this pair at Land's End?


Marie said...

Thank you all for the comments! Very helpful.

Tina, I'd be interested to see the hip panel tutorial if you can find it.

Joanna, I checked out the Land's End jeans and they look very modest. I'm really afraid to put Ana into anything trendy. We got a hand-me-down pink jeans with glitter all over it and I instantly threw it into the Goodwill pile. But, Shane actually thought they looked okay cause they weren't revealing. I can see there are going to be issues on many levels as she gets older.

I can understand the point about sewing pants, especially when you can find pants so cheap and good material is so expensive. But, I think it might be worth the time and money when she gets older and wants fashionable clothing.

Ugh. This just isn't an issue with Caleb.

Joanna said...

Yup, it's rough. I used to throw anything with glitter on it at all right into the Goodwill pile. I've calmed down a little and if we get things for free as hand-me-downs, I at least see if it fits and if it's modest before I toss it out. Anything with "hotstuff" written across the tush is immediately thrown out. Anything with "princess" written on it is immediately tossed out. One reason I make most of the dresses is because the trend these days is to make the skirt short and the bodice sleeveless. I always lenghten the skirt so it will be both modest and fit them longer and give the dress sleeves.

Joanna said...

Actually, I used to make all the dresses sleeveless since it was easier, but I find the girls like the sleeves better so I've started doing that.