14 November 2009

Pioneer Woman

A few weeks ago I was in Denver for work.  Coincidentally, it was also when Pioneer Woman was there doing her booksigning!  (ok, so maybe I arranged my trip to be at the same time as she would be in town, maybe... you can't prove it!)

It was sooo crowded.  Honestly, I don't think this bookstore had any idea how popular she would be.  The line was slow moving and took forever.  She was so sweet and took the time to chat with each and every person there, but this also contributed to the wait.  I would estimate that at least 30% of the people there, maybe more, gave up and left without meeting her.

I eventually did make it to the front of the line and met her!  I didn't have a camera, so this is the best picture I got, a group shot with some girls I was waiting in line with.   (That's me on the left in the orange, in case you weren't sure.)

I was hoping that my "I traveled here all the way from Florida" story might catch her attention, but the woman in line in front of me had the cutest baby that was struggling to stay awake.  And we all know that cute babies will trump anyone else's story.  And it turned out that that woman and her baby actually made it onto PW's blog (http://thepioneerwoman.com/blog/2009/11/a_recap/).

Wait a minute.... what is that I see in the background??  It's me!!  I'm famous!  I'm on PW's blog!  hehe.

All in all, it was pretty fun, if exhausting, and I'm glad I did it.  Here's my book:



Marie said...

That is so awesome! That is so funny about you being in the picture cause I was looking for you before getting to the part where you circled yourself :) I couldn't figure out where you were, lol!

Have you made anything from her book yet?

Johanna said...

That is so great! I want one of her books, even though I won't be able to cook much of what's in it for a few years due to allergy treatments.

Joanna said...

YEAH!!! That is so awesome. I totally want one of her books. Maybe for Christmas. I really wanted to go to a signing but the closest she's is coming is Alanta. She's nice, but...that's darned far to drive.

Tina said...

ooohh, lucky you! Bought her book already and would love to meet her!