16 November 2009

What's Been Keeping Me Busy...Besides the Obvious

Our church is having a benevolence event this December: Women's Christmas Coffee. Women from church volunteer to host a table where they will serve coffee, tea and some light snacks. There will be entertainment...I don't know what kind of entertainment. Anyway, tickets to get into the Coffee are a minimum $20 gift card to Wal-Mart or Publix. The gift cards will be used to help families in need throughout the coming year.
My mom loves to do this kind of stuff. She “drags” me into it and then I end up totally having a great time. I enjoy crafting, decorating, preparing food for people...I just don't enjoy chit-chatting with a table full of women I don't know. Not good about chit-chatting...with strangers.

So my mom volunteered to host a table. At first I was dubious, but then I lost my mind. The tables are to be decorated like some high-class event. Mom and I have been having a great time running around town, buying fancy-looking table decorations on a budget.

First there are the chargers and napkins. I saw these (charger and napkin tutorial) at Moda Bake Shop (I *heart* that blog) and was instantly under the impression that I should make some, but had no excuse. Well, the Christmas Coffee was the perfect thing. We used all my Japanese fabric and some filler fabric. They went really quickly.

For favors we've got these candles and stockings. I saw the idea for these in a Joann's flyer I got in the mail. We found the candle holders and votives at Pier 1 Imports and got the paper and ribbon at Joann's. We'll punch stars in the paper and add a couple of the gold sticky stars. The little stockings we want to stuff with a few items (a small bottle of lotion and some Kisses and a candy cane maybe?). I had intended to use the stockings for a Advent calendar. I might as well admit it to myself that I am not an Advent calendar-remembering type of gal. So, the stockings are for favors. I have 20 more to do...something with. I got the pattern for that here, from Stardust Shoes.

The napkin rings were also got at Pier 1 Imports. Aren't they cool? I never would have thought they would work, but I think they look nice.

The centerpiece was purchased in separate parts at Old Time Pottery. The water glasses we also got there. So far we've spent less than $100. We plan to use these all at our own Christmas table, also,


The Father knows best. said...

So that's what's been keeping you busy. It's neat and all that, but...hadn't you better get focused on my Christmas presents (plural)?

Tina said...

I love how nice everything looks... What a great table!
I also think the whole idea is spectacular! Would love it if you could get me the details so I might try to organize something like that at my church!