29 March 2010

Would You Like to See the State of My Sewing Room?

It's very sad.  I can't remember the last time I turned my machine on.  It's feeling quite unloved.  In fact, the last time I think it was turned on, it was being tortured by Lily.  It may never work the same again because of how traumatizing that was for my poor little sewing machine.

Okay, so just let me tell you that the table there, I *just* cleaned off, so don't be fooled.  It was covered in miscellaneous stuff not 30 minutes ago.  I want to show you a few projects that I haven't finished...or even started for that matter.

Tie T-shirts I'm making for my "friend with boys."  They're not so cute for girls, but gosh-darn cute for boys, and I don't have any boys.  Yeah...haven't started.

Lunch bags for three families, including mine.  That's oil cloth there.  Can't wait to try it out.

I'm supposed to be making one of these capes with Sarah.  I bought this fabric in January with Sarah.  Sigh.

I bought this fabric in NOVEMBER to make some napkins for Tina.  Obviously that hasn't happened yet.

I was supposed to send these golf towels to Johanna so she could embroider Del's initials on them.  Then Johanna even showed up HERE, at my house and I still forgot to give them to her...duh.  It's a good thing I have a box I'm supposed to be sending her with some T-shirts and lunch bags...that I haven't started.

So...there you go.  Impressed, right?


Johanna said...

All of those projects look awesome!! I cannot believe you didn't even tell me about the towels when I was there. I could have taken them home with me and had them done and back on their way by now!

Grandma said...

Considering I know what it looked like before you cleaned up, it looks pretty great, Jo! Now if we could only carve out an hour or so a day to sew - I think it'd be therapeutic! BTW, Angie has a post up about sewing: http://audreycaroline.blogspot.com/

Tina said...

I am impressed! GET to WORK! ha ha ha ha
I think those sound like such a fun project. When I move back to America I am going to fly out and spend a week with you just so you can teach me to sew. Okay?

Joanna said...

PLEASE, Tina. I can barely contain my excitement at being able to have you over for a week SEWING!!

I know, Jo. If I could have I would have kicked myself for forgetting those things. The REALLY sad part is that I had originally wanted them embroidered for Christmas presents. Yeah...sad.