30 March 2010

Cue Maniacal Laughter

Ahhh hahahahahahaha!!!  Aren't they so cute!!!  (skipping school today so I can sew...)

I haven't done any sewing on it yet, but I had to post this because I can't get over how cool it is.  You guys are so lucky!!

See, I've got the other ties cut out and I'm listening to Mark Steyn on the Rush Limbaugh show and there's my latest book I'm reading and I promise, I have a Dr. Pepper there, too.  It just didn't make it into the picture.


Johanna said...

Those are great! I cannot wait to see my boys in them! Oh, and skipping school to sew is totally okay... :)

Tina said...

Oh wow - those are so adorable! :-)

Marie said...

I thought I commented already, but I guess I told you how cute these are on FB? Anyway, so cute!! Caleb will love it since Shane wears a tie to work and he can look just like daddy :)