30 March 2010

One Lunch Bag

Hello again.  Here's my first lunch bag.

They are a little more difficult to make than I thought they would be, but still extremely easy to make.  I added Velcro so the bag can be closed.  They are difficult to make because the printed side sticks to the machine.  You must use a jeans needle to sew this material.


Tina said...

GREAT! I just adore the material. Such a cute idea. I love things like that. To replace disposable items in a cute way that doesn't take up too much space :-)

Meagan said...

To solve the material sticking to the machine you add a sheet of tissue paper between the machine and the material.... most of the time after you sew them the tissue paper pulls out of the sewing really easy and there is no sticking problem.... you can also use old phone book pagesbut sometimes the print on the pages can cause problems.

Good to see you sewing again though.

Marie said...

You got my order, right?