05 April 2010

Remember me? It's been a while...

Hey!  My name is Johanna, and I used to be crafty and contribute to this blog!  Somehow, having my third baby sucked the crafty life out of me and I have not done anything post worthy in 1 1/2 years.  The only time I turn on my sewing machine lately is to embroider for pay, which I guess is something, but it isn't coming out of my inner creativity as much as it is fulfilling an order.  When I found the MADE blog, I thought the month of boy projects would be just right to rekindle my creative fire and I figured I'd be making boy projects to get me going again.  Well, I didn't make a boy project, but it did inspire me in that it made me miss crafting.  I found myself longing to browse the aisles at JoAnn again.  I found myself looking at crafty blogs again, and actually wanting to turn on my sewing machine for fun.  Although I didn't start with one of the boy projects I found so inspiring, I did make something.  Check it out.

I know it doesn't look like much, but it is just what I needed to get my feet wet again.  You see, I have a lovely kitchen table.  It has beautiful wood that I love to show off, but it also has grooves in the wood to make it look like planks that salt and crumbs get stuck in.  I found myself breaking out my vacuum attachments to clean my table.  Then this happened.

This lovely bit of artwork was compliments of Aaron when he apparently got bored during dinner and decided that the end of his fork was a great carving tool.  Oh, and see the crumb buildup in those grooves?  So it was time for a covering.  I didn't want just a cloth tablecloth because it would get way too dirty, so I made the cloth one and then edge stitched a big piece of plastic to make a plastic tablecloth to go on top.  Now it looks nice and wipes up easily!

Hopefully you'll allow my seam work and edge work to count as something worthy of blogging about, because I am so proud of myself for ending my dry spell with any completed project at all!


Marie said...

Yay for you! I totally understand what you've been going through. I long for the day when my crafty motivations come back to me. Today certainly isn't that day though.

You did a great job on the edging. Looks like the plastic one took up a lot of thread!

I love the planks on your table! Too bad it's high maintenance. And the fork marks sound exactly like something Caleb would do :)

My mom just gave me a cool foot that turns the fabric and sews the seam! I really want to try it out on some cloth napkins.

I wouldn't mind seeing a post on the stuff that you make for your orders.

Joanna said...

Yeah!!! Maybe you can post about the golf towels I'm going to send you soon.

Meagan said...

LOL.... I could use one of those nifty plastic tablecloths too..... I can't use a tablecloth eaither as neither of my kids are sucessful in actually getting all the food in their mouth... Instead I try to plan as many dinners outside at the picnic table as possible!