20 April 2010


Sorry, I haven't made anything interesting to show off. I just wanted to post this Q & A I read in the latest Martha Stewart magazine because I thought some of you would find it interesting, I know I did.

Q: My sewing scissors have become magnetized. How do I fix them? Can they harm my computerized sewing machine?

A: When metal objects that contain iron (and this includes many scissors) are exposed to magnets, they sometimes become magnets themselves. The reason has to do with electrons creating magnetic fields, but you don't need a degree in physics to determine the cause. Storing your scissors near a seam guide or magnetic pincusion could be the problem.
And yes, a magnet can damage your sewing machine's computer. To demagnetize the scissors and protect your equipment, rub a magnet on the blades several times in different directions. This will disrupt the magnetic alignment within the scissors.

I just noticed the other day that my pins were sticking to my scissors. My magnetic pincusion is probably the culprit. I rubbed a magnet on two scissors that had become magnetized and it actually worked! If you try this, rub at a medium speed. I rubbed quickly at first and it didn't work.


Johanna said...

Wow! My scisors do that too. I thought it was normal...

Joanna said...

Several pair of my scissors are magnatized. They came that way, and I like it. Pins get stuck to them so I know where the pins are and other things like that. I just keep them away from my machine.

Joanna said...

Sorry for misspelling magnetized.