23 July 2010

One of These is Not What it Was Supposed to Be

Remember when I was all excited the other day about the fabric that I bought and how it was BOY fabric and what should I make and everything.  Well, the whole thing sort of revolved around this here fabric.  It brought all the colors together.  Donchathink?
I was very excited to get my fabric in the mail today.  I don't get too excited about much of anything nowadays (except for being 1cm dilated) so being excited about the box of fabric was momentous.  I opened the box and instead of the planet fabric above, I found this:
Not exactly what I ordered.  In fact, GIRL fabric.  Sigh.  They ran out of the planet fabric so I just get a refund and that's it.  She was gracious enough to let me have the pink and blue paisely fabric.  BOO HISS!!


Marie said...

So, she didn't email you in advance about it?? That is so disappointing!!

I wonder if I'll end up getting what I ordered. I ordered five yards of that planet fabric, so I might be willing to share like 1/2 a yard or something. Or maybe a fat quarter. Maybe. I'll think about it ;)

Johanna said...

I cannot believe they didn't contact you and let you know that there was a problem with the order *before* shipping any of it! That's horrible.

Joanna said...

No, they had enough when I ordered it. It was a mistake. I don't know how you can read the lable (planet fabric) and not automatically know this was a mistake but whoever they have working there can't read or something. They're just letting me have the pink fabric since NOW they don't have any of the planet fabric. I looked around for more of the stuff and I'll have to pay at least $20 for 2 yards, when you add in shipping. Sigh. It was a great deal.